I can help you buy a farm!  I work closely with our clients to actualize their ideas and ensure that they have a role in the purchase process every step of the way. I work with trained professional avocado management companies, avocado packing houses, avocado nurseries, and various other professional services to provide the best advice on all aspects of avocado grove purchasing and ongoing management.  If buying vacant land for planting an avocado grove, we can help you pick types of trees to plant and work efficiently.

My husband and I own two avocado groves and we have hands on experience in the day to day management of a working, productive avocado ranch.  Nothing beats hands on experience.  We believe that the future is bright for avocados.   The California Avocado Commission has done a wonderful job of promoting the health benefits of avocados, and avocado consumption in the USA rises every year.   We also have a firm belief in the value of California grown produce, and believe that supporting our country through a stable food supply will keep America strong and independent.  

When we first bought our orchard back in 1994, we knew nothing about avocados.  My husband owned an alfalfa farm and I've been raising horses for years.   Two very different kinds of farming!   It's been a wonderful journey.  Now, granted, like all farming, this is not the most predictible way to invest your money, but, we have never gotten much joy or excitement over treasury bonds that generate almost nothing in interest.  I love to walk through a beautiful, peaceful orchard listening to the birds singing, the open sky above me and the firm ground below.    Farming has its own rewards, and there's nothing quite taking a stroll through a well kept grove, laden with fruit, and knowing that somehow, some way, you caused it all to come together.   Another wonderful sight is seeing a line of avocado bins, loaded with bright green fruit, about to head off to the packing house and be distributed all over the nation or the world.  

We have first hand experience in taking an avocado grove that is minimally productive and developing that grove through intelligent applications of research worldwide.  There have been many research projects on increasing production, fertilizing techniques, new, root rot resistant root stocks, pruning techniques, the efficient
 use of water; high density planting; truck injections; girdling techniques, etc.   

If you have found a  grove (or would like me to find you a grove for sale) that has been stressed-- for instance, the water has been turned off for a year or two; or, if you find a nice grove that is for sale ; there are lots of techinques to increase production on this grove and help get a better year over year return on your investment.   There are also some significant tax benefits to buying farmland as a business venture.  

If you need help just give me a ring... Jill Pettigrew, REALTOR  760/468-1144

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